Pesticides: Benefits and Hazards

  • Ivan Maksymiv Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
Keywords: pesticides, xenobiotics, benefits, hazards, toxicity


Pesticides are an integral part of modern life used to prevent growth of unwanted living
organisms. Despite the fact that scientific statements coming from many toxicological works
provide indication on the low risk of the pesticides and their residues, the community especially
last years is deeply concerned about massive application of pesticides in diverse fields. Therefore
evaluation of hazard risks particularly in long term perspective is very important. In the fact there
are at least two clearly different approaches for evaluation of pesticide using: the first one is
defined as an objective or probabilistic risk assessment, while the second one is the potential
economic and agriculture benefits. Therefore, in this review the author has considered scientifically
based assessment of positive and negative effects of pesticide application and discusses possible
approaches to find balance between them

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