Gender Issue in the Ukrainian Language Teaching Techniques

  • Svitlana Yermolenko Melitopol Bogdan Khmelnytsky State Pedagogical University
  • Tetiana Siroshtan Melitopol Bogdan Khmelnytsky State Pedagogical University
Keywords: education, gender issue, teaching techniques, the Ukrainian language


The article deals with the present day problem of gender education of schoolchildren and students. It was found out, that in Ukraine the gender issue is only in the initial stage of study, although its interdisciplinary horizons are limitless. Relevance of the article is in the fact that the authors suggest studying the gender issue at the methodic level, namely through teaching syntax at the higher educational institutions. In order to achieve this aim the article provides brief characteristics of the gender issue in different aspects; the article is based upon the contemporary studies of the scientists who represent various social and linguistic sciences. The conceptualization of gender includes such cultural categories as masculinity and femininity, the process of the evolutional development of the oldest archetype opposition “man–woman”. The gender issue is directly connected with the language personality. Among the Ukrainian phraseological units there are a lot of such ones which stress the social status of men but not women. This fact lets us hope for the further study of the gender issue in the language teaching technique, namely at the level of syntax and text linguistics. First, it is an internal content of the texts proposed for scrutiny (gender education), and secondly, these are structural changes at the lexical and grammatical level (the use of words which denote jobs and professions in different functional styles), third, speech correction of both sexes representatives, and finally, the development of androgynous personality that combines the best of the social features of both sexes (love of children, patriotism, kindness, courage, compassion, sensitivity, courage, pragmatism, etc.). We consider the main principles of teaching Ukrainian syntax in the gender teaching technology as follows: dialogism, problematic, compliance with the age and individual characteristics of students, emotionality, psychology, gender identity principle. While looking for the ways to improve the language teaching techniques, especially in the field of syntax, teachers can make use of the proposed tasks at practical classes in higher educational institutions and at the lessons of Ukrainian in comprehensive schools.

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