Development of Pedagogical Staff as an Integral Element of Forming a Positive Image

  • Iryna Boryshkevych Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
Keywords: image, development, career, strategy, educational institution, portfolio


The formation of a positive image of the educational institution provides an increase in the efficiency of its activities and provides an opportunity to meet the needs of stakeholders. The main purpose of the image formation is also to increase competitive advantage, attract investment, establish and expand partnerships. The development of teaching staff is an integral part of forming a positive image of the educational institution, as employees are the main carriers of the brand. The career of educators is a complex multifaceted process, due to the unity of internal (subjective) and external (objective) factors. Internal factors include the living conditions of the future specialist, and external - the peculiarities of career growth (attitude to the profession and awareness of its importance). The desire for self-improvement and self-education are important drivers for the formation of successful careers of employees of educational institutions, ensuring the expansion of their creative potential, cognitive interests, and the formation of a creative personality. Based on the conducted research on building an effective strategy for the development of the employee of the educational institution, each teacher was asked to conduct their SWOT analysis, which allows identifying his/her strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats. The results of the SWOT analysis enable the employee of the educational institution to discover his / her existing potential and to be ready for possible changes in the external environment, which is changeable and fleeting. The strategy of career growth of the teacher is developed, which includes the following stages: conducting SWOT analysis; improvement of professionally important features and qualities; postgraduate education; passing advanced training courses; participation in various pedagogical forums, seminars, conferences, training; research of the advanced pedagogical experience, in particular concerning the use of innovative technologies; constant improvement of scientific and methodical work; forming your portfolio and, as a result, achieving a new level of career growth. Career development leads to a fundamentally new way of life of a teacher - creative self-realization in the profession, which allows identifying their individual and professional capabilities.

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