Methodological Assessment Framework of Socioeconomic Systems’ Bio-Economic Transformation Management




bio-economic transformation, assessment framework, bio-based share; sustainability, potential, innovations


Assessment of the process of bio-economic transformation of socioeconomic systems and its consequences in various countries, and in Ukraine in particular, is quite problematic since the existing methodology of the State Statistics bodies does not meet its needs and therefore is not able to cover its development based on domestic data adequately. The biggest obstacle on this path is the lack of separation of economic activity types into the production of the products using materials of biological and fossil origin in the process of collecting and processing official data, which further complicates the assessment of bioeconomic processes along supply chains and its impact on sustainable economic development. Paper research has been conducted through a mixed-methods approach to reach the following objectives, including desktop research using general scientific methods and content and comparative analysis with further conceptual framework adoption. To simplify the process of developing a methodological assessment framework, at the initial stage of the bioeconomic transformation assessment system formation, we proposed an adapted framework and indicators that can be obtained from existing statistical information supplemented with data from other alternative sources. This approach assumes the use of formal data collection methods, assuming they will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future. We have systematized assessment indicators into three dimensions of its maturity: indicators of bioeconomic potential, development, and sustainability, specific to Ukrainian organizations, as these combined indicators can provide an understanding of the current state, compromises, and the likelihood of sustainable bio-economy transformation. Practical implementation of the obtained results and elimination of identified shortcomings and gaps in the assessment of bioeconomic transformation will contribute to developing bioeconomic strategies based on sustainable development.


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