Tax Policy Formation in the Context of European Integration Processes




tax policy, tax administration, European integration, European integration processes, tax policy formation, investment attraction, sustainable economic development, investment climate, investment activity, tax legislation


The article deals with the study of the process of tax policy formation in the context of European integration. The relationship and influence of European integration processes on the formation of tax policy is determined. The analysis of the impact of European integration on the country's tax policy and the main aspects that have an impact on the formation of tax policy were investigated. The article emphasizes the role of European standards and recommendations in construction an effective tax policy.
Prospective directions of tax policy formation in connection with European integration processes are considered. The main problems of tax policy formation and aspects of the obligations defined by the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union are described, including: harmonization of tax legislation, efforts against tax evasion and tax avoidance, ensuring transparency and efficiency of the tax system. In addition, the article mentions the positive impact of European integration on the development of the business environment and the creation of conditions for investment attraction. Measures to be implemented to ensure a fair and efficient tax policy, as well as to reduce tax barriers to attract investment and prevent tax evasion are also defined. The main changes in the norms of tax legislation, which must be made in accordance with the requirements of the European Union, are considered. It is noted that the development and adoption of certain norms of tax legislation are insufficient, since it is also necessary to form the administrative potential of the tax administration. The challenges facing the country in adapting to European standards in the field of taxation are considered and described.
According to the draft Plan for the Recovery of Ukraine, the main goals of tax policy formation are reflected, taking into account the requirements of Ukraine's integration into the European Union. The main areas of tax reform have been determined, including: formation of a favorable tax policy for economic growth; adaptation of the norms of tax legislation in accordance with the Association Agreement to the requirements of the European Union; improvement of tax administration to increase investment activity.



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