Monitoring of Digital Competitiveness in the Context of Sustainable Development and Economic Growth: Global Trends and Ukrainian Realities




digital competitiveness, digitalization of the economy, technologies, business mobility, technological framework, innovative solutions, economic growth


In the era of digital transformation of the economy and globalization of economic processes, competition between countries takes on a new format and becomes digital. The rivalry is no longer only for natural, human, financial resources, the center of the struggle is information, innovative developments, advanced digital technologies. The purpose of the article is to study the dynamics and reasons for changing the rating of digital competitiveness of the countries of the world; monitoring of Ukraine’s position in the world ranking of digital competitiveness; outlining promising opportunities for strengthening Ukraine’s competitive power. The author found that in 2023, the USA, the Netherlands, and Singapore became the first in the overall ranking of digital competitiveness due to technological leadership, attention to increasing the level of knowledge in the country, and the development of strategic approaches to future development. As a result of the analysis of the digital competitiveness of Ukraine in 2019–2021, the author found out that the country had positive dynamics in all factors, and achieved the greatest progress in the “Knowledge” factor thanks to the support of talented young people in scientific research; deepening the orientation of education in educational institutions to European principles; creation of scientific centers of researchers to accelerate the exchange of ideas. The scientific novelty and practical value of the article lies in the provided recommendations for ensuring better digital competitiveness of Ukraine, in particular, in terms of strengthening the development of digital skills of citizens, improving the national system of cyber security and protection of personal data on the Internet, stimulating the improvement of the quality of scientific research. Thus, the author recommends creating a powerful technological framework of the country, strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights, strengthening the information protection, which in the complex will ensure the growth of trust and protection in the country.


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