Structural State and Thermodynamic Stability of Fe-B-C Alloys


  • N.Yu. Filonenko State Institution “Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine”
  • A. N. Galdina Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
  • А.I. Babachenko Z.I. Nekrasov Iron and Steel Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • G.A. Kononenko Z.I. Nekrasov Iron and Steel Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine



Fe-B-C system alloys, Fe2B boride, Fe3(CB) boron cementite, eutectics, thermodynamic stability of the melt


The studies were performed for the specimens of Fe-B-C alloys with boron content of 0.005–7.0 wt.% and carbon content of 0.4–5.5 wt.%, the rest was iron. As a result of the experiment carried out in this work, the phase composition and phase transformations occurring in the alloys are investigated and the liquidus surface is constructed; it is shown that the point with minimum temperature of 1375 K at the liquidus surface is observed at boron content of 2.9 wt.% and carbon content of 1.3 wt. %.

For the first time, considering the contribution of the first degree approximation of high-temperature expansion of thermodynamic potential into the Gibbs energy of Fe-B-C melt, we obtain the surface of thermodynamic stability of Fe-B-C melt, depending on temperature and content of boron and carbon in the alloy. The findings show that in order to obtain the homogeneous Fe-B-C melt, which does not contain micro-inhomogeneous structures in the form of short-range microregions, it is necessary to perform overheating more than to 150 K.


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