Thermodynamic study of a synthetic analog of the famatinite mineral - Cu3SbS4


  • P.R. Mammadli Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, French-Azerbaijani University
  • L.F. Mashadiyeva Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry named after acad. M. Nagiyev, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
  • Z.T. Hasanova Baku State University
  • D.M. Babanly Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University; Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry named after acad. M. Nagiyev, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences



famatinite mineral, Cu3SbS4, EMF method, Cu4RbCl3I2 solid electrolyte, thermodynamic functions


Fundamental thermodynamic properties of the synthetic analog of the famatinite mineral - Cu3SbS4 were studied on the basis of electromotive force (EMF) measurements. The EMF of the concentration chains relative to the Cu electrode with a solid electrolyte was measured for the alloys from the Cu3SbS4 + Sb2S3 + S phase region at 300-380K temperature interval. Based on measurement data, the relative partial thermodynamic functions of copper in alloys, the standard thermodynamic functions of formation, as well as, the standard entropy of the Cu3SbS4 ternary compound were calculated for the first time.


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Mammadli, P., Mashadiyeva, L., Hasanova, Z., & Babanly, D. (2021). Thermodynamic study of a synthetic analog of the famatinite mineral - Cu3SbS4 . Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, 22(1), 53–58.



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