The Important Thermal and Kinetic Properties of Crystals and Their Calculations with the Use of the Gibbs Potentials


  • Ya.S. Budzhak National University "Lviv Polytechnic"
  • A.O. Druzhinin National University “Lvivska Politechnika”
  • T.K. Waclawski Cracow University of Technology



Gibbs potential, chemical potential, entropy of a system, equations of neutrality


In this work, the important thermal and kinetic characteristics of crystals are calculated. It was shown that in a state of thermodynamic equilibrium, the thermal properties of crystals are additive, and their value for an entire crystal is calculated by summing the values of thermal properties of the crystal lattice and the properties of the gas of free charge carriers in a crystal. These properties are fully characterized by the appropriate Gibbs potentials. In this work it was also shown that when the electric field E and temperature gradient ΔrT are created in a crystal, and this crystal is placed in the magnetic field with the magnetic inductance vector B, then there the electric charge and heat transport processes begin to exist in the crystal. These processes are described by the generalized electric and heat conduction equations. The tensors and the scalar coefficients in these equations – these are the kinetic properties of the crystals. They describe the nature of their actual properties and they have widespread and pragmatic applications in modern solid-state electronics


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Budzhak, Y., Druzhinin, A., & Waclawski, T. (2019). The Important Thermal and Kinetic Properties of Crystals and Their Calculations with the Use of the Gibbs Potentials . Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, 20(2), 133–138.



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