Growth, structural, optical and mechanical studies on Amino acids doped Nonlinear optical sodium acid phthalate single crystals


  • G. Marudhu Thiru. A. Govindasamy Govt. Arts College
  • T. Baraniraj Govt. Arts College
  • S. Krishnan Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College
  • G.V. Vijayaragavan B.S. Abdur Rahman Institute of Science and Technology (Crescent)
  • Karthik Kannan Kumoh National Institute of Technology
  • Geetha Palani J.N.N. Institute of Technology
  • V. Chithambaram PERI Institute of Technology



Nonlinear optical material, FTIR, Microhardness


The slow evaporation technique was used to successfully grown amino acid doped sodium acid phthalate (NaAP) crystals at room temperature. A great deal of research has been done on the effects of amino acids on NaAP growth and characteristics. X-ray diffraction was used to examine the crystal structure and lattice parameters of the grown crystals. Functional groups were found in the title crystals, which revealed themselves utilizing FTIR spectra. The optical transparency of the doped crystals was noticed by measurements of optical absorption. In order to assess the mechanical strength of the produced crystals, Vickers microhardness tests were employed. The technique of Kurtz powder was utilized to calculate the second harmonic generation (SHG) performance of the cultivated crystals.


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Marudhu, G., Baraniraj, T., Krishnan, S., Vijayaragavan, G., Kannan, K., Palani, G., & Chithambaram, V. (2022). Growth, structural, optical and mechanical studies on Amino acids doped Nonlinear optical sodium acid phthalate single crystals . Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, 23(1), 45–51.



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