Structural, morphological and optical studies of sol-gel engineered Sm3+ activated ZnO thin films for photocatalytic applications


  • T. Kiran SJB Institute of Technology
  • H. M. Parveez Ahmed Ghousia College of Engineering
  • Noor Shahina Begum Bengaluru University
  • Karthik Kannan Qatar University
  • D. Radhika Jain-Deemed to be University



ZnO:Sm3, Thin films, XRD, DRS, photocatalysis


Rare earth (RE) ions activated ZnO thin films were prepared via sol-gel route and the thin films be categorized by various techniques. X-ray diffraction (XRD) studies display the hexagonal wurtzite structure of the prepared thin films. Scherrer's formula was utilized to calculate the average crystallite size (25–40 nm) with different Sm3+ concentrations. The optical energy gap was calculated by Diffused Reflectance spectra (DRS). The Acid Red (AR) dye was degraded under ultraviolet (UV) light irradiation with ZnO: Sm3+(1-9 mol %) nanostructured thin films  and the highest photodegradation (95 %) was observed for 7 mol %  of  Sm3+ doped ZnO catalyst. All the obtained results suggest that prepared material could be a prominent material as photocatalyst.

Author Biographies

H. M. Parveez Ahmed, Ghousia College of Engineering

Dr. H M Parveez Ahmed, Professor, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry

Noor Shahina Begum, Bengaluru University

Dr. Noor Shahina Begum, Professor, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry

Karthik Kannan, Qatar University

Dr. Karthik Kannan, Research Fellow, Ph.D., Center for Advanced Materials

D. Radhika, Jain-Deemed to be University

Dr. D. Radhika, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering and Technology


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Kiran, T., Ahmed, H. M. P. ., Begum, N. S. ., Kannan, K. ., & Radhika, D. . (2020). Structural, morphological and optical studies of sol-gel engineered Sm3+ activated ZnO thin films for photocatalytic applications . Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, 21(3), 433–439.



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