Fabrication and Tailored Structural and Dielectric characteristics of (SrTiO3/ NiO ) Nanostructure Doped (PEO/PVA) polymeric Blend for Electronics Fields


  • Shaimaa Mazhar Mahdi University of Babylon, College of Education for Pure Sciences, Department of Physics, Iraq
  • Majeed Ali Habeeb University of Babylon, College of Education for Pure Sciences, Department of Physic, Iraq




polymer blend, electrical properties, SrTiO3/NiO, nanoparticles, structural properties


Films are prepared from (PEO/PVA) blend with various ratios of (SrTiO3/NiO) by using casting method. SEM images of (PEO/PVA/SrTiO3/NiO) nanocomposites show that many aggregates or chunks on the upper surface that are homogeneous and coherent. The (PEO/PVA/SrTiO3/NiO) nanocomposites contribute to tiny vibrational molecular movement, according to the (FTIR) analysis. Several polymer chains were also disrupted once (SrTiO3/NiO)  nanoparticles were introduced. Instead, several additional chains were produced. Dielectric constant and dielectric loss decreases with increasing of frequency, while conductivity increases, as well as dielectric constant increases from 4.73 to 5.99 and dielectric loss rise from 0.85 to1.80, while the conductivity increases from 4.7×10-11 S/cm to 1.10×10-10 S/cm when (SrTiO3/NiO) NPs reached 4wt.%. The results of structural and electrical properties show that the (PEO/PVA/SrTiO3/NiO) NCs may be used for various electronics fields.


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