Nonlocal problem with dependent coefficients in conditions for the second-order equation in time variable


  • I.Ya. Savka Pidstryhach Institute for Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics, 3b Naukova str., 79060, Lviv, Ukraine


differential equation, nonlocal problem, small denominators, Diophantine approximation, depended coefficients, smooth curve, metric estimation
Published online: 2010-12-30


In the Cartesian product of a time segment and a spatial multidimensional torus, we investigate nonlocal two-point problem with dependent coefficients on a smooth curve in conditions for typeless partial differential equation of the second order in time variable. Conditions for the one-valued solvability of the problem are established. Metric theorem on lower bound of small denominators on smooth curve are proved.

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Savka, I. Nonlocal Problem With Dependent Coefficients in Conditions for the Second-Order Equation in Time Variable. Carpathian Math. Publ. 2010, 2, 101-110.