Application of Modern Development Tools in Increasing the Competence of the Staff

  • Lesya Verbovska National Technical University of Oil and Gas
  • Iryna Haliuk National Technical University of Oil and Gas
Keywords: competence, change, development, personnel, management, organization


The article substantiates the main components of improving staff competencies in the face of change. It is determined that taking into account and combining "hard skills" and "soft skills" skills allow you to use the acquired knowledge to perform specific tasks in the workplace in a particular professional activity. Modern and traditional models, techniques and tools of personnel management are presented, according to which it is possible to clearly assess the difference in approaches to managing the competence of employees in the conditions of change. Based on the analysis of world practice, a list of methods is presented: discussions, brainstorming, Oxford debates, Case - Study, business and role - playing games, workshops, communication and management training, which are used to develop skills and abilities of employees. These methods allow expanding the educational opportunities of established forms of classes (lectures, seminars). The relationship between the acquisition of new and improvement of existing staff development competencies on the basis of training and coaching is shown. The proposed methods of acquiring competencies allow you to choose those competencies and methods of acquiring them that correspond to the individual characteristics of organizations. It is proved that the acquisition of competencies by staff allows identifying new competencies in employees, to form the need to use modern analytical and behavioral skills, providing greater opportunities for management skills and flexibility, dialectical thinking, ability to make creative decisions in unusual situations. It is substantiated that the combination of the SMART method in the acquisition of competencies significantly expands the possibilities of short-term learning, through the application of the concept of "lifelong learning". Different definitions of the essence of "competence" are analyzed, which allows emphasizing that when choosing different forms of education, in particular, trainings, different types of training it is necessary to use / apply modern methods and techniques. It has been proven that incompetent non-use by a staff of their knowledge, skills, experience and skills often leads to reduced profits and inefficient use of their potential.

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VerbovskaL. and HaliukI. 2021. Application of Modern Development Tools in Increasing the Competence of the Staff. Journal of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University. 8, 3 (Nov. 2021), 76-84. DOI: