Ties With the Families of Convicts Serving a Sentence Deprived of Liberty in the Electronic Monitoring System (SDE)





Electronic Monitoring System (SDE), family, prison sentence, resocialization, penitentiary pedagogy


The article contains the content and analysis of the results of research relating to serving a prison sentence in the Polish penitentiary system in the Electronic Monitoring System (SDE here and after) in the context of maintaining ties with the social environment, with the family in the assessment of probation officers. The penitentiary system is not limited to isolation. Serving certain forms of punishment outside prisons also contributes to relieving the penitentiary system. The Electronic Monitoring System is an alternative form of execution of the penalty of imprisonment. It allows the state to exercise control over the convict's behavior by means of technical means, eliminating the need for penitentiary isolation as a criminal law response. It is a form of reaction with a much lower degree of discomfort, devoid of the negative consequences associated with isolation, such as demoralization, weakening of family and social ties, change of environment, loss of autonomy, economic degradation or stigmatization. It is an interesting activity related to modern solutions in the field of law, upbringing and family, applied in practice. The probation officer plays an important role in the course of serving the sentence by the convict in SDE, in his social rehabilitation and social adaptation. He is a specialist responsible for supervising and supporting the convicted person. The probation officer performs tasks aimed at implementing court decisions, helps the convict return to society, and prevents re-offending. The key aspect of serving a sentence in SDE is the convict's ability to maintain family ties, his social rehabilitation, the process of preparing for return to society, re-adaptation to social conditions. Serving a sentence in an SDE allows you to maintain family ties, which in turn reduces the risk of recidivism. The prepared and presented content is part of resocialization pedagogy, penitentiary pedagogy, and family pedagogy.


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Walancik, M. and Zawiślak, B. 2023. Ties With the Families of Convicts Serving a Sentence Deprived of Liberty in the Electronic Monitoring System (SDE). Journal of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University. 10, 3 (Sep. 2023), 83–97. DOI:https://doi.org/10.15330/jpnu.10.3.83-97.