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In its work the editorial board of the book of articles “Sultanivski Chytannia” obeys modern norms of the scientific periodicals in humanities, including the ones determined in the Registration Certificate, and the quality and representation of scientific studies standards valid in the world society.

Working out the norms of publishing policy of the book of articles “Sultanivski Chytannia” the editorial board followed the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics COPE; available at http://publicationethics.org and the experience of the Ukrainian and foreign scientific organizations and periodicals.

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The authors publishing with this book of articles agree to the following terms:

  • The authors grant the editorial board the right of the first publication of the sent materials, the authors retain their copyright. Publication of the articles is done under the terms of the license Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivs that allows others to share and copy the published work with the acknowledgement of the work’s authorship and reference to the first publication in the book of articles. It is prohibited to distribute the articles published in the book with the commercial aim.
  • The authors retain the right of non-exclusive distribution of the article in the same version as they were published in the book with the acknowledgement of the initial publication in this book.
  • The editorial board permits and encourages the authors to post their works on the Internet (e.g. in the institutional repositories or on their own web-sites), with the acknowledgement of the publication in the book, as it leads to the productive scientific discussion and to the improvement of dynamics of the article citation.

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This book of articles follows the policy of immediate open access to published content, supporting the principles of free flow of scientific information and global exchange of knowledge for general social progress.

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The editorial board does not accept the proposals both for online and for print advertising.