Technical requirements to the articles


Text of the article is submitted electronically, in Microsoft Word in .doc or .rtf. Font size – 14. Font family – Times New Roman. Indentation – 1,25 cm. Line spacing – 1.5. The electronic version is sent to the editorial board at e-mail:

Structure of the article

The article should contain the following elements: problem, literature review, novelty, aim, relevance (topicality), methodology (theoretical basis of the study), results, discussion and conclusions, references.

Article composition

Each article should contain the introductory information block, main part and references.

The introductory block should be given in the following languages: in the language of the article (if the article is written neither in English, nor in Ukrainian), in English, in Ukrainian.

Composition of the of the introductory block in the top – title of the article; under the title – name and surname of the author, their academic degree, affiliation, address of the institution, author’s e-mail; below – UDC (Universal Decimal Classification).


Full abstracts (200-250 words) should be given in English and in the language of the article. If the article is written neither in English, nor in Ukrainian there should also be given an additional short abstract (100-150 words) in Ukrainian.

Structure of the abstracts:aim of the article – 1-2 sentences; methods of investigation – 3-4 sentences; results – 4-5 sentences; scientific novelty – 1-2 sentences; practical meaning – 2-3 sentences; key words. – 3-5 words.

Since the abstract is an independent source of information, its structure should be as follows: introduction to the research topic («The article deals with»; «This article examines the…»; «In this article, I explore…»); aim of the investigation («The aim of this study»); description of the theoretical and practical importance of the article («The article gives a detailed analysis of…»); description of the methodology of research; main results («This article reports the results of a…»; «The main idea of the article is…»), research findings («The article is of interest to…»); practical value of the research («The article is of great help to…»).

Authors’ affiliation

Authors’ affiliation should be included into the introductory information blocks (ref. the explanations to the introductory blocks).

On a separate page should be indicated the address for sending the author’s copy of the book of articles and mobile phone number for possible communication with the author in process of preparation for publication.

Accompanying papers

For authors without a scientific degree it is necessary to give the supervisor’s review.

Citations in the article

Citations in the text are drawn on the model «» or if there is a citation within a citation «“”». Sources (in alphabetical order) are at the end of the article. In the text there should be indicated the number of the source and the page, e.g. [5, p. 6].

Bibliography arrangement

Bibliography should be arranged in two variants: 1) according to the official requirements of Ukrainian DAK (State Attestation Committee) 2) the basic references list arranged according to the Harvard style put in alphabetical order.

Volume of the article

The approximate volume of the articles should be 12 pages of A4 format, but not less than 8 pages.