Terms for the admission of the articles

  1. The article and its formatting should meet the Requirements. Submission of the article goes on during the whole year, with the analogous period of expectation for the publication.
  2. The article should be mailed to the editorial board, email: sultanov.chyt@gmail.com. All the correspondence with the editorial board should be conducted by the same e-mail.
  3. The Board preserves the right to edit the received manuscripts.
  4. Processing of the articles is free of charge.
  5. The author gets 1 (one) copy of the book of article. Additional copies can be bought from the Publisher on request (please denote the need of additional copies at the end of Your article or You can order it in a separate letter).
  6. The editorial board ensures the peer-review for the information about reviewing terms ref.: Reviewing terms. The author is informed about the decision on the article publication. The article can be returned to the author for correction and revision.
  7. The articles belonging to one thematic section are published by total turn.
  8. You can get Your copy of the book of articles in the editorial office or by post (sending is done at the author's expense).