Studying and popularization of Polish children’s literature in Ukraine


  • Olha Kravets Department of Slavic Philology, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv



Polish children’s literature, works tested by the time, children’s poetry, Julian Tuwim, Jan Brzechwa, story-fairy tale «Ferdinand the Great», Ludwik Jerzy Kern


The certain aspects of the children’s literature phenomenon in Polish and Ukrainian literary discourse are examined in the article. Especially interesting and relevant are the problems of studying and popularizing Polish children's literature in Ukraine, the introduction of this segment into the educational courses of a number of Ukrainian universities educational programs. The purpose of this literary research is to study and popularize Polish children's literature in Ukraine. The masterpieces of Polish poetic and prose classics, works of the brightest representatives of Polish children's literature – Julian Tuwim, Jan  Brzechwa and Ludwik Jerzy Kern are used as examples. Research methodology. The research method first and foremost involves the method of analysis; the historical method in literary criticism is also used in the article. Descriptive and contextual methods contribute to the study of poetic and prose works of Polish children’s literature in masterful translations of famous Ukrainian writers. Combination of research approaches in the work mentioned above makes it possible to study an interesting field in modern literary science – children's literature. Results. An overview of selected works of Polish and Ukrainian scholars devoted to children's literature and its reception, published during the last decade, is provided. Emphasis is placed on the most important trends in the study of various aspects of the problem, on the most authoritative works and names of researchers. Novelty of the research. Translated works of Polish children's literature, which form the canon of the mentioned national literature, are introduced into the scientific literary discourse. The collection of the poems «The Bird’s Radio» by Julian Tuwim, selected poems of the classic Polish children's literature by Jan Brzechwa and the story-fairy tale «Ferdinand the Great» by Ludwik Jerzy Kern are subjected to literary analysis. Practical value. The Polish children's literature in masterful translations by Ukrainian writers is introduced in the article. Poems by Julian Tuwim and Jan Brzechwa, a story-fairy tale by L. E. Kern actually became a promotion for Polish children's literature in Ukraine, a significant event in the popularization of literature for children and youth.





Comparative literature