Why write about Stus or Continuing the beginning

in Ukrainian

  • Ihor Kozlyk Department of World Literature and Comparative Literary Criticism, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
Keywords: V. Stus, Ukrainian poetry of the 20th century, reception of Stus’s lyric poetry, Stus studies


The article contains thoughts on the motivation of new appeals to the literary understanding of Vasyl Stus’s lyrical heritage (1938–1985). Aim. To focus on the need for a non-inertial approach to V. Stus’s lyric poetry as a living artistic phenomenon. Methods. Systematization and analysis of assessments of Stus’s lyric poetry in correlation with the poet's self-assessment of his own poetic works. Results and research novelty. The idea of a non-inertial approach to the lyrical poetry by V. Stus is substantiated. Practical meaning. The article can be used in the research of the methodological grounds of the scientific study of literary and artistic phenomena and in the process of studying V. Stus’s works in universities and schools.

Ukrainian literature