Teachers’ Training for Social and Educational Activity in Conditions of Mountain Area Primary School


  • Olena Budnyk




professional training, social and educational activity, ethnocultural environment, future teachers, elementary school of a mountain area


The article highlights the keynotes of professional training of elementary school teacher
to social and pedagogical activity with pupils and their parents taking into consideration specific
character of mountain landscape-climatic and ethnocultural environment.
Author focuses on engaging students of teacher training institutions in research work according
to outlined problems, the creation of individual database on cultural issues, enhance their
performance by varied forms and methods of teaching in the humanities. The author stresses the
importance of independent ethnographic activity of future teachers, in particular the study of
crafts and trades of mountainous region, the folklore and customs of the locals, collecting vintage
household items and their local historical analysis. Ideological value orientations of the inhabitants
of the mountains is a key component of spiritual values and the basic formation of the structure of
consciousness and awareness of the growing personality. Deeper knowledge of students priority
of moral, aesthetic, civic values of people from mountain terrain and features of the landscape,
climate, flora and fauna of mountain environment will help them develop their future careers,
which is to foster harmonious child in primary school environment.




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Budnyk , O. 2014. Teachers’ Training for Social and Educational Activity in Conditions of Mountain Area Primary School. Journal of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University. 1, 2-3 (Dec. 2014), 22–27. DOI:https://doi.org/10.15330/jpnu.1.2-3.22-27.




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