Artistic peculiarities of the feminist idea in Virginia Woolf’s essay «The room of one’s own» and Olha Kobylianska’s humoresque «He and she»: comparative and typological aspect

in Ukrainian

  • Olena Turchanska Department of Law and the Humanities, Ivano-Frankivsk Law Institute of National University «Odessa Law Academy»
Keywords: feminism, feminist writing, woman historic literary tradition, feminist theory, feminist movement


Aim The article deals with typological analysis of Virginia Woolf’s essay «The Room of One’s Own» and Olha Kobylianska’s novel «He and She» on a subject, idea, stylistic and character text level to identify the peculiarities of feminist discourse in the Ukrainian and British literatures.

Methods The research is based on the complex use of cultural, historical, typological and descriptive methods that help us to analyze the character system of the literary works and to distinguish the main feminist ideas and literary means.

Results The article examines literary peculiarities of the feminist ideas in the British and Ukrainian national literatures. The notion «feminism» is examined from different points of view. It is considered that O. Kobylianska and V. Woolf carry out the feminist idea in different ways due to the peculiarities of the development of national literatures and their own literary experience.

Scientific novelty The comparative analysis of Virginia Woolf’s essay «The Room of One’s Own» and Olha Kobylianska’s novel «He and She» is carried out in the article for the first time. The reason for such analysis is a common idea and topic-based problem of the novels of English and Ukrainian writers – feminist idea, emancipation of a woman.

The practical significance The article can be used for further research of gender problem in the Ukrainian and British literatures and to highlight Ukrainian-British relations.

Comparative literature