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  • Viktoriya Ostapchuk Ph.D. in Philology, Senior lecturer, Department of Slavonic Philology, Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University
Keywords: translation, confessional texts, mentality, style, theological terms


Aim The aim of the article is to deduce the adequacy of the Ukrainian translations through the poetry comparing the translations of the confessional texts in Ukrainian and Church Slavonic. It was made considering the individuality of the vocabulary and style.

Methods In the exploration there has been applied the system approach by using the comparative-typological, descriptive and hermeneutical methods. There were compared the translations of 10 God’s Commandments and also the akathests to the Mother of God both in Church Slavonic language and in Ukrainian.

Results As a result we make a conclusion, that Ukrainian theological language is in its period of the incipience, that’s why the remarks of many investigators about the inadequate of the Ukrainian translations have its grounds and reasons.

Scientific novelty The scientific novelty is conditioned by the fact, that the theme affected in the title, is not clarified enough, because the Ukrainian translations of the confessional texts were not analyzed in details.

The practical significance of the article was caused by the fact, that its results can be used in the following investigations of the confessional literature translations and also in the scientific works, in the courses of the theory and practice of the translation, in writing of the dissertations, master and graduate works, coursework’s and other works of postgraduates and students-philologists.

Key words: translation, confessional texts, mentality, style, theological terms.

Comparative literature