The problem of sound texture of the literary material in theoretical reflections of Valerian Polishchuk


  • Olesia Omelchuk Department of Theory Literature, Shevchenko Institute of Literature NAS of Ukraine


Valerian Polishchuk, Vasyl Ellan-Blakytnyi, proletarian poetry, vocalism of the literary text, constructivism


Aim The article analyzes the role, function, and evolution of V. Polishchuk’s views on the sound factor of the literary material.

Methods The article used historic-genetic and historic-functional methods.

Results It is shown that, while developing a new concept of proletarian poetry, Polischuk accounted for the influence of the ideological aspect and also for the correlation between politics, poetry, and music. Polischuk’s interpretation of musical and sound design of poetry was directly dependent on the ideas of constructivism, the origins of which can be traced back to c. 1921, when he formulated the idea of «dynamism». During the 1920s,Polishchuk views on musical and vocal aspects of the literature depended on various parameters, but, in general, correlated with his view of the literature as of a material flow of words, ideas, rhythms and sounds.

Scientific novelty Discussion about minor and major scales in literature between Vladimir Polishchuk and V. Ellan- Blakytnyi that is analyzed in the context of theoretical and aesthetic positions of V. Polishchuk.

The practical significance The article foregrounds the historical-literary and literary-theoretical problems connected to the study of the proletarian and avant-garde literary process in Ukraine on the basis of academic literary scholarship.





Ukrainian literature