Volodymyr Serafymovych Vakhrushev (From the editor)

in Ukrainian

  • Ihor Kozlyk Department of World Literature and Comparative Literary Criticism, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
Keywords: V.S.Vakhrushev, humanities, methodology of literary criticism, metalanguage of humanities


The article, which is an afterword to the methodological article by the Russian literary critic, Doctor of Philological Studies, Professor V.S. Vakhrushev (1932–2011) «About the metalanguage of humanitarian scientific thought» published in translation into Ukrainian. It contains biographical information about the Russian humanitarian, a brief description of his methodological and general cultural position, his attitude to his own and other cultures and his views on the tasks of philological education. The reasons for the publication of his previously unpublished work translated into Ukrainian are also defined in the article.

Methodology of literary criticism