Klym Polishchuk: biographical materials

in Ukrainian

  • Olesia Omelchuk Department of Theory Literature, Shevchenko Institute of Literature NAS of Ukraine
Keywords: Klym Polishchuk, criminal case, biography


The author describes facts and evidence included in the criminal case instituted against Klym Polishchuk in 1929. The aim of the article is to introduce previously unpublished information about the life and work of the writer into the scientific literary circulation. The author utilizes the method of historical and biographical commentary. Results. The text of the complaint by Klym Polishchuk, which was written during his imprisonment and included in the criminal case against him, was published for the first time. This made it possible to confirm the veracity of V. Yurchenko’s testimony, which he published about Klym Polishchuk in the early 1930s. Scientific novelty. The article complements and clarifies biographical data about the life and work of Klym Polishchuk. Practical significance. The article can serve as a starting point for a scientific biography of Klym Polishchuk. It can also contribute to the further study of the Ukrainian literary process at the begininng of the 20th century.

Ukrainian literature