Futuristic cuisine as the model of futuristic worldview

in Ukrainian

  • Danylo Reha Department of World Literature and Comparative Literary Criticism, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
Keywords: cuisine, model, worldview, futurism, manifest


Aim. The article deals with the one of the models of the futuristic worldview, namely the futuristic cuisine. Methods. During our research were used the historical criticism and the principles of the cultural-historical school. Results. As the result of our research were translated the main postulates from the book by F. T. Marinetti’s «La cucina futurista» («The Futurist Cookbook», 1932) and were analyzed the main approaches to create futuristic cuisine as one of the models of the futuristic worldview. Scientific novelty. For the first time was made the Ukrainian translation of the text by F. T. Marinetti’s «La cucina futurista» («The Futurist Cookbook») (1932), as well as researched futuristic cuisine from the position of a formative model of the futuristic worldview. The practical significance. This article can be used for further research into the history and theory of futurism. Scientific research results can be used in various scientific projects.

Literatures of the Western Europe and the USA