The Mental Space of Game in “Our Mother is an Enchantress” by Joanna Papuzińska

  • Olga Derkachova Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
Keywords: text, game, mental space, double-level reality


The article is devoted to the mental space of game in polish fairy tale Our Mother is an
Enchantress by Joanna Papuzinska. Modeled reality in Papuzińska’s book has a double-level
structure consisting of the real world and fairy world, where children get involved with the help of
their mother’s game. The plot of the tale is shaped by an imaginary act of creating a special mental
space of game

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Derkachova O. The Mental Space of Game in “Our Mother Is an Enchantress” by Joanna Papuzińska. jpnu 2016, 3 (2-3), 79-83.