Innovative Approaches to Literary Texts (Children Literature on Inclusion)


  • Olga Derkachova Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
  • Oksana Tytun Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University



inclusive literature, hero pyramid, creative game, mind-mapping, swot-analysis, six hats, Bloom’s taxonomy, comic book, rebus, Walt Disney triangle


The research deals with applying to innovative approaches to literary text. Inclusive books for children and ways of working with them at pedagogical faculties are considered. In our research, we will demonstrate the work with such books “Cripple Bunny and his brave mother” by Oksana Drachkovskaya, “Trustees for the Giraffe” by Oksana Luschevska and Yevhenia Haydamaka, “Just because” by Rebecca Elliott, “Magda and her Wind” by Iryna Morykvas, “Planet Willi” by Birta Müller, “Yes! I can!: The girl and her Wheelchair” KendryJ. Barrett, Jacqueline BiuToner, Kler A. Friland, Violet Limey and the trilogy on Pearl of Tuuli Pere. The main heroes of these books are children with disabilities and special educational needs. Narrators mostly are their elder or younger brothers or sisters. The reason of the choosing children’s literature on inclusion is that it is modern important literature, which demonstrates the world of children with disability and highlights such serious topics as decease and death. Its aim is to show that variety makes world wonderful and grate. The introduction of holographic design of vita technologies (calligarm, creative games, the pyramid of hero and author) is considered as well, the application of methods of critical thinking (mind-mapping, swot-analysis, six hats, Bloom’s taxonomy) in the analysis of fiction is substantiated. Potential online resources helping work with literature are examined. In addition, the possibilities of online resources (rebus, comics’ generator, the creating of mind maps, crosswords on different platforms) are determined as important part of the work with text. It has proved that such innovate approaches help to develop creative potential of students, allows analyzing literary text in a new way. Such approaches will be helpful in professional activity of teachers in primary school.


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