Aesthetic Categories “Love”, “Joy” and “Fear” in the Professional Activity of a Teacher


  • Hryhoriy Vasianovych Lviv State University of Life Safety
  • Galina Shewkun Lviv State Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Ground Forces Academy
  • Kateryna Latyschevska Lviv State University of Life Safety



love, joy, fear of God, fear of a man, teacher, professional activity of a teacher


Different approaches to defining the essence and content of the concepts of “love”, “joy” and “fear”, their interaction in terms of teaching are analyzed in the article. It is emphasized that the main thing in love is its spiritualization. Only the spirit, the spiritual power, reveals to a man the true, worthy object of love. Love is creativity, openness of the human soul, it is an organic, aesthetic need of a man. This approach is especially important in the system of relations “teacher – student; teacher – student”. It is proved that the teacher's love for the student must be effective, it is based on trust, mutual assistance, without love pedagogical activity loses its value. An important manifestation of love is the joy of common achievements. Love and joy are related concepts. Joyful hobbies that guide cognition, enter the noosphere of a man, contribute to mental and spiritual growth. Instead, the category of “fear” is defined as an emotion that arises in a situation of threat to the biological or social existence of the individual and is aimed at the source of real or imagined danger. In the article, the concept of “fear” is considered on a Christian basis, and therefore, analyzed as the fear of God and human fear. The need to train specialists in the field of professional and pedagogical activities in the context of solving the outlined problems is emphasized.


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Vasianovych , H. et al. 2021. Aesthetic Categories “Love”, “Joy” and “Fear” in the Professional Activity of a Teacher . Journal of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University. 8, 1 (Apr. 2021), 17–23. DOI: