The Influence of Surface on Scattering of Carriers and Kinetic Effects in n-PbTe Films


  • M.A. Ruvinskii Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
  • O.B. Kostyuk Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University
  • B.S. Dzundza Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University
  • V.I. Makovyshyn Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University



size effect, thin film, lead telluride, thermoelectric properties


Based on the Fuchs-Sondheimer and Mayer models the influence of mechanisms of surface reflection of electrons on the experimental transport and thermoelectric properties of n-PbTe films on various substrates are substrates are considered. The thickness dependences of the Seebeck films based on PbTe are investigated.

It is shown that for films on sital substrates mechanism of completely diffuse scattering of carriers (p≈0) are implemented and for the films obtained on fresh chips of mica chips – mixed specular-diffuse scattering mechanism of carriers (scattering coefficient p≈0,4).


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Ruvinskii, M., Kostyuk, O., Dzundza, B., & Makovyshyn, V. (2016). The Influence of Surface on Scattering of Carriers and Kinetic Effects in n-PbTe Films. Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, 17(4), 520–526.



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