Obtaining and X-ray Analysis of Cobalt Ferrite Powders Substituted by Nickel Cations


  • V.S. Bushkova Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
  • I.P. Yaremiy Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University
  • R.V. Ilnitsky Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University
  • R.P. Lisovskiy Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University
  • M.L. Mokhnatskyi Vasyl Stefanyk Prekarpathian University




sol-gel technology, nickel-cobalt ferrite, nanosized powder, lattice parameter, cationic distribution


The aim of this work was to create and study of ferrite nickel-cobalt powders, using sol-gel technology with participation of auto-combustion. After completing the process autocombustion was obtained only one phase, which corresponded to  the cubic structure of spinel space group Fd3m. It was found that the average size of coherent scattering regions not exceeding 62 nm. The dependences of the lattice parameter, X-ray density and specific surface area of the ferrite powders from nickel content were found. It was shown that at substitution of cations cobalt on cations nickel latest give preference only B positions, thus displacing part of in the A positions.


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Bushkova, V., Yaremiy, I., Ilnitsky, R., Lisovskiy, R., & Mokhnatskyi, M. (2015). Obtaining and X-ray Analysis of Cobalt Ferrite Powders Substituted by Nickel Cations. Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, 16(2), 351–354. https://doi.org/10.15330/pcss.16.2.351-354



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