Synthetic novel as one of the leading genres of European literature of the Renaissance period (studymaterials)


  • Olena Terekhovska Department of World Literature and Comparative Literary Criticism, Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University


synthetic novel, Renaissance, reflective traditionalism, epic novel, novel-pamphlet, adventure novel, courtly novel, novel-parable, panoramic novel, philosophical novel, short story


Aim The article deals with the specifics of the Renaissance novel. We clarify the term «synthetic novel», its etymology and definition, formulate our own definition «synthetic novel», justify the connection between Renaissance novel and the period of Renaissance.

Methods In the article there has been applied the system approach by using the cultural and historical method and the genetic method. Novels are analyzed in the aspect of the genre specific features to the cultural and historical period of global epoch of reflective traditionalism. The etymology of novel is traced in the context of contact-genetic (genealogic) connections with other literary genres and genre varieties.

Results In the article is proved that the Renaissance novel is the synthetic novel, because it combined the features of different genres – epic novel, pamphlet novel, adventure novel, chivalric novel, philosophical novel and important features of other genres or ready genres. It was found out that the synthetic Renaissance novel is a clear reflection of the period, aesthetic of which was marked by multidimensionality, some eclectic tendency to generalization (synthesis). This is a global affiliation of the Renaissance to the global epoch of reflective traditionalism.

Scientific novelty In the article is proposed own definition of synthetic novel, traced its etymology and development. In the article is singled out genre features of synthetic novel, and also are pointed out main factors of creation of such type of novel.

The practical significance Materials of this article can be used in seminars regarding the history of Western literature of the Renaissance and also in preparing lectures about Renaissance.





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