Magnetic Hyperfine Structure of Epitaxial Films of Nickel Ferrite


  • S.I. Yushchuk National university “Lvivska politehnika”
  • V.V. Moklyak Institute of Metal Physics, National Academy of Science
  • S.O. Yuryev National university “Lvivska politehnika”



liquid phase epitaxy, chemical transport reactions, ferrite films, magnetic anisotropy, nuclear gamma resonance


Comparative NGR study of the parameters of the magnetic hyperfine structure of epitaxial  films grown on  single-crystal substrates of orientations of (100) and (111) by liquid phase epitaxy (LPE) and chemical transport reactions (CTR) is conducted. It is established that in the films obtained by the method of CTR, there is a significant number of ions of bivalent iron, which is in phase magnetite . After heat treatment of these films in air at T = 1273 K, the magnetite becomes the  oxide. In the films of , grown by the LPE method the divalent iron was not detected.

As shown by calculations, the vector direction of the magnetization of films obtained by the method of LPE, lies in the film plane regardless of the orientation (100) or (111)  substrates.  In films obtained by the CTR method, it forms with the substrate 41 - 450.


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Yushchuk, S., Moklyak, V., & Yuryev, S. (2016). Magnetic Hyperfine Structure of Epitaxial Films of Nickel Ferrite. Physics and Chemistry of Solid State, 17(3), 381–385.



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